The Final Jubilee- “A Perfect Ten”

Zeitgeist Debunked – only Jesus is King of Kings

…Even Satan knows The Truth and dreads it…Let The Truth prevail!


The Rev. 12 sign is nearing completion. The dragon swept 1/3 of the stars, which has been computed as 4 months=1/3 of a year. This was accomplished roughly a month ago. Now the dragon,being cast down, is to spew a flood after The Woman and her Child…but The Earth will open her mouth to absorb the flood. Remember God’s promise? The signs of Noah and Jonah have been observed and the visions of many are coming to a convergence. As Above, so below.

With the passing of Billy Graham, many relate to Abraham and even Moses, who passed just before the children crossed The Jordan to the promised land. Will the next event be a great earthquake, preceding The Rapture and The Harvest? This would all line up with scripture and the observations of many Watchmen. Things are about to happen to shake humanity to its very core. The First Fruit rapture of barley could produce the workers for The Great Tribulation=the wheat harvest. After that would be the grapes, and I think that speaks to blood and Martyrdom for any left…3 chances for The Chosen. I hope for our sake, sooner than later. Get ready!!

Rev 23…The Dragon and the flood

God promised not to flood the Earth again. The Dragon will try, but…

Is the Red Dragon directly related to Niburu?

The Freedom Bell?

Back to Nibiru

Nibiru is known as a shaker and destroyer. Despite all attempts to cover it up, it apparently continues on its path towards destiny.

Red Horseman?

Great Shaking Coming Very Soon?

Are you bearing fruit?

War in Heaven