Along with the Great American Eclipse of today, a Great Shaking is coming…33 days to Great sign and 40 days to Atonement…Only fools and false prophets see all of this is as mere coincidence. Many can feel in their bones that something Big is happening. We don’t all agree on the causal relationship, but know that there is a Major change on the way. Get right or get left.
• 1 Chronicles 28:18 NIV
18 and the weight of the refined gold for the altar of incense. He also gave him the plan for the chariot, that is, the cherubim of gold that spread their wings and overshadow the ark of the covenant of the LORD.
• • Luke 1:35 NIV
35 The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.


Carrying over from my last post, the number 726 is associated with harpazo or rapture. The duration from the Sept 2015 Blood Moon to the Revelations 12 sign on Sept. 23 of this year is 726 days. Watch this video for more astonishing convergences…

And-If that’s not enough, read on…

Prophecies for 2017
120th Jubilee
2nd Jubilee Since 1917,1st since 1967
120=1897 Balfour Declaration
70=1947 Israel becomes a nation
50=1967 6-day war
Sir Isaac Newton’s interpretation of Daniel 9:25

Judah Ben Samuel

-Fatima- 100 years from WWI and prophecy
-Garabandal- 50 years from prophecy
-Hopi- Predict the Return of Nibiru “The Destroyer Planet”

Occurrence-Ready or Not…725…Harpazo 726…Rapture?

Wars. Rumors of Wars. Earthquakes! Incoming!!

WAKE UP! It’s real! Get Ready!

Like a Thief in the night…
Jesus Christ, Yeshua ben David, The Messiah.
Seek Him now…He’s seeking You!

725. harpagmos ►
Strong’s Concordance
harpagmos: the act of seizing or the thing seized
Original Word: ἁρπαγμός, οῦ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: harpagmos
Phonetic Spelling: (har-pag-mos’)
Short Definition: spoil, an object of eager desire, a prize
Definition: spoil, an object of eager desire, a prize.
HELPS Word-studies

Cognate: 725 harpagmós – to seize, especially by an open display of force. See 726 (harpazō).
Citation: http://biblehub.com/greek/725.htm

3 Days of Darkness-The 6th seal?

I appreciate that so many watchmen are setting dates[for the rapture[s], tribulation and Second Coming]. The math of the postulations is very well researched but many are coming up with different dates. The simplest math is often overlooked. The Fatima prophecy began 5/13/1917. The Divine Visitations occurred on the 13th of following months until October. The most intense Visitation was July 13, 1917. 2 World Wars and Jubilees later, we are on the verge of the 100th anniversary of the forewarned Days of Darkness! I urge you to research this prophecy [as well as the Garabandal and Akita prophecies].

While I respect The Watchmen, I perceive that this omission is due to a prejudice against The Catholic Faith. I believe that this is a big mistake and may surprise many of our anti-Catholic brothers, along with the rest of the world!

Every knee shall bend

This week is EPIC !!!

Something Epic is going to happen in the next day but I still think the Culmination is 6/10-11…6 days- its mid week still…This week is EPIC! This is the 1st Jubilee from the 6-day war and the signs in the heavens [and on Earth] point to something [or things] that will change us forever! Get Ready!!

Justice is Coming!

Twins- 2 3rd days?

The NEW 6-day war started on Pentecost 6/4 and will culminate 6/10 – Expect something Huge tomorrow on the midweek?

More signs!?!

I covered a meteor shower recently on my channel as tears on TBVM’s neck-check out the following link:

A greater sign

A greater sign than 923? Yes in duration-the sign encompasses many great signs from the Star of Bethlehem to the end of the nightwatch which also envelopes the birth[s] and the snatching away from the red dragon 923

Twins-The Lion Kings

In the recent ritual sacrifice of a famous singer, there were 2 winged lions over the entrance to the theatre. The lion kings. One is the new world order and the other one is/are the son[s] of God-remember 2 princes? According to the following video, the older will serve the younger. I have a strong postulation, and it is all playing out at this very moment. There is a lot of symbolism involved so pay attention. Currently, in the constellations, Leo is above the virgin. Many know about the great sign of 923 through a great awakening. There is much more to it. Jupiter is exiting the virgin womb on 923, hence The Great Sign. Working backwardly, that 923 great sign is just the beginning. How does this make sense? The planets all rotate counter clockwise. Nibiru, or the red dragon, rotates clockwise. God is Truly a Genius! Move backwards 4 months to the real beginning of the great sign- around 525…According to the interpretation posed by the following video, the first twin, the red one[Esau], is born four months prior to the second[Jacob]. What on Earth does this mean? I feel that Nibiru will become visible in a few days and this is the sign of the antichrist, the destroyer. As above so below. While the NOW’s candidate for their king is William, I believe that it will be Harry, due to the prophecy. More importantly, The Christian Lion King will be born second and will ultimately be served by the older brother. It’s almost like the revolutionary war turned revelation-ary war. We have nothing to fear as we aren’t alone. God has appointed his angels[including Michael who subdues the dragon] to protect us. We also have Jesus, The Lion of the tribe of Judah, who is Infinitely powerful. Let’s not forget his mother, The Virgin Mary. In theory, she is a lioness. Would you try to get between a lioness and her cub[s]? It’s about to go down. Be awake, informed and confident as your redemption draws near!

My Reply:
In one scenario you could consider Hairy to be the Red Dragon- From a royal bloodline. The king of the new world order. Idk if you have followed that theory but it makes sense. The US is younger than Britain! Perhaps the trib starts with the revealing of the antichrist [William or Harry with Uvamah as the false prophet] as well as the planet nibiru on 5/25 or 26[as above so below]. This could be the 10 days before the Barley harvest on Pentecost. This would lead into a massive wheat harvest in September. The grape harvest would be the sign of blood or having to die for the witness of Christ after 923. Your previous video for the 6/4 sign could be the great eagle that delivers the woman- The Eagle is the sign of the US…Food for thought, brother. Please pray on this. Great work and The Lord Jesus Christ be with You.

Night Watch

It seems that watchmen are on high alert. We are in the 2nd night of Passover until mid-october. Since Jesus’ return will be like a thief in the night, it stands to reason that we need to be filling our lamps with oil, and watching, like the wise virgins

Postulations, Harvests and Raptures

Many theorize that there is a rapture and many believe there is just a tribulation through which the Just must be cleansed. A few believe, as I do, that there will be several raptures. Actually I believe in 2 raptures, which are harvests, and 2 non-rapture harvests. They fall under the Barley, the Wheat and the Grape harvests. The Barley harvest which is the first harvest could be any day now. The strongest evidence suggests Mother’s Day of this the Final Jubilee of the Jewish Calendar 5777=17 or 2017. Please check out the videos and links to follow to see why.
I believe that The Wheat Harvest will be massive due to a Great Cleansing brought about by Fatima and Garabandal’s prophecied 3 days of darkness [Rev 12-Nibiru/Nemesis/Wormwood?] in which everyone that remains will receive an Undeniable Visitation in which The Truth is revealed. These will be raptured in the Great Gathering or Wheat Harvest. This rapture window may range from 6/1/17 to 9/22/17, depending on the days of darkness. 923 is celebrated by the Luciferians as the illumination and is meant to be in full power by 9/23/17, most likely to try to light up the planet during the darkness. This will bring about all of the power of the death angel as in Exodus. The only Hope during this time is to stay inside, praying the rosary.
After this, most will be delivered but those remaining will become part of The Grape Harvest. Think about the implications…yes blood or death to any who dare profess Jesus after this point. Finally, few may endure the Great Tribulation, without taking the mark of the beast.
These are the closest predictions for the rapture[s] and as you can tell they become less and less desirable, so please prepare today. Check out some of the illustrations below and judge for yourself. Get Ready. The day has come! The Son of the Creator Comes.