The Son of the Creator Comes

There is a relic that was discovered in the 1980’s and only one linguist was able to translate the inscription of an ancient language. The Son of the Creator comes. The relic is believed to be over 4000 years old and relates to the great pyramids and the Orion constellation.

This is the 120th [and final?] jubilee year of the Jews= 5777. It is Passover and tomorrow is Easter morning. We are on the verge of WW3 which has often been associated with Armageddon and the Apocalypse. The Great Sign of Revelations 12 is approaching and the pains will be here by Labor Day. There are many who are sensing the imminent return of Jesus, The Son of the Creator. The ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Sumerians warned each other and us about the coming of the end of the age. Why are so few waking up?

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