Postulations, Harvests and Raptures

Many theorize that there is a rapture and many believe there is just a tribulation through which the Just must be cleansed. A few believe, as I do, that there will be several raptures. Actually I believe in 2 raptures, which are harvests, and 2 non-rapture harvests. They fall under the Barley, the Wheat and the Grape harvests. The Barley harvest which is the first harvest could be any day now. The strongest evidence suggests Mother’s Day of this the Final Jubilee of the Jewish Calendar 5777=17 or 2017. Please check out the videos and links to follow to see why.
I believe that The Wheat Harvest will be massive due to a Great Cleansing brought about by Fatima and Garabandal’s prophecied 3 days of darkness [Rev 12-Nibiru/Nemesis/Wormwood?] in which everyone that remains will receive an Undeniable Visitation in which The Truth is revealed. These will be raptured in the Great Gathering or Wheat Harvest. This rapture window may range from 6/1/17 to 9/22/17, depending on the days of darkness. 923 is celebrated by the Luciferians as the illumination and is meant to be in full power by 9/23/17, most likely to try to light up the planet during the darkness. This will bring about all of the power of the death angel as in Exodus. The only Hope during this time is to stay inside, praying the rosary.
After this, most will be delivered but those remaining will become part of The Grape Harvest. Think about the implications…yes blood or death to any who dare profess Jesus after this point. Finally, few may endure the Great Tribulation, without taking the mark of the beast.
These are the closest predictions for the rapture[s] and as you can tell they become less and less desirable, so please prepare today. Check out some of the illustrations below and judge for yourself. Get Ready. The day has come! The Son of the Creator Comes.

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