Carrying over from my last post, the number 726 is associated with harpazo or rapture. The duration from the Sept 2015 Blood Moon to the Revelations 12 sign on Sept. 23 of this year is 726 days. Watch this video for more astonishing convergences…

And-If that’s not enough, read on…

Prophecies for 2017
120th Jubilee
2nd Jubilee Since 1917,1st since 1967
120=1897 Balfour Declaration
70=1947 Israel becomes a nation
50=1967 6-day war
Sir Isaac Newton’s interpretation of Daniel 9:25

Judah Ben Samuel

-Fatima- 100 years from WWI and prophecy
-Garabandal- 50 years from prophecy
-Hopi- Predict the Return of Nibiru “The Destroyer Planet”

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