Bye-Bye [Miss American Pie]?

Is America the modern Babylon? I don’t think so. We do have issues but the Bible foretold that the entire world would be deceived by the beast. So why do so many pastors and sheeple think/claim that America is so bad that it should perish? There is still more good than evil. There is still Divine protection, proof of The Father’s Grace and Love. We are under attack but I feel this makes us Americans more like Israel in end-time prophecy. Check out the reply to the following video link and there is proof pointing to Babylon:

Heaven Can’t Wait
2 hours ago
Isaiah 13:19-21: “And BABYLON… shall never be inhabited… neither shall the ARABIAN PITCH TENT there…but WILD BEASTS OF THE DESERT shall lie there….” WHY?!? When BABYLON is “FALLEN” (Isaiah 21:9), it is the “BURDEN OF THE DESERT OF THE SEA” (Isaiah 21:1), the very “BURDEN UPON ARABIA” (Isaiah 21:13). Judgment BEGINS with sinful America (1 Peter 4:17); BABYLON (Arabia/Mecca) is destroyed AT THE END of the great tribulation (Revelation 18)….

Sinful America =Israel? Why? [chastisement of The Father for wandering] The current country of Israel is Judah- one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Where are the other 11 tribes? Throughout the world. Where is the greatest concentration? The melting pot- The USA! Think about it…America IS NOT Babylon- don’t buy into it…

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