It is finished.

We just lost a dearly beloved cousin, suddenly and unexpectedly, to heart disease. Carter is a beautiful child of God. He passed on to his reward at the young age of 14. Our loss is Heaven’s gain. He is reunited with his Heavenly Father, as well as his earthly father, who died just a few short years ago.
Carter is Greatly loved by Jesus. This love is special, a bit more specific than the unconditional love that we all freely receive. You see, Carter has a lot in common with Jesus, much more than most. Like Jesus, Carter was a young carpenter. He recently began the process of building a garage. The framework of the garage was meticulously constructed and stands seemingly unfinished but it is finished. When Carter set out to build his garage, he didn’t envision a shell but a wonderfully finished structure. When Jesus died on the Cross, He said “it is finished”, confident of God’s promises which cannot fail. We still experience pain, injustice and death in this life, so how is it finished? We see things in this dimension and realm which are limited by time and space. Carter and Jesus are in the Heavenly dimension and realm now, so their work is finished because it is no longer limited by time or space.
Carter’s garage is flawlessly standing in the back yard of his wonderful mansion in Glory. Much like Pa would ensure that he had the provisions and guidance to complete the project here, how much more, God in Heaven? The garage we see here on Earth appears incomplete, but trust me, it is finished!

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