Dragon’s Tail

For the scoffers and fools who thought nothing happened on the Rev. 12 sign…Wake Up!! The odds that this is all a coincidence are minute. Every last thing in the sign is coming to pass…Wars. Rumors of wars. Famine. Pestilence. The Great Tribulation is upon us! The sign about the waters being swallowed up by the Earth!?! Is it the gravitational pull of Nibiru? There is an asteroid called 2012TC4 scheduled to pass by, but if Nibiru is causing the tides to swallow up the water, what makes you think this asteroid will not be influenced? The Draconids [say Dragon] meteor shower is imminent. What if- The asteroid is Satan being Cast out and the meteor shower is the 1/3rd of the angels being cast down with him? Think about it people…The Good News is that itwas foretold that the Remnant Christians will prevail over the serpent. Get ready. Wake up out of your slumber. Please-do a little research, a little digging, and you will see, its on!!

[do the math- this was 2011 and it says ‘every 6 years’]

If you can explain to me, how this was predicted in Revelations and Daniel-2000+ years ago, I will renounce my Belief-but you can’t…

Another observation=Remember the Fatima prophecy that I covered in an earlier post? October 13 is the 100 year anniversary!! Check it out. Get ready!! Please!!!

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