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Announcing an easy-to-use-system that Finally allows you to Stop calls to Work and Home….

You are protected by the federal government against unwanted debt collection calls-at home or at work. Even if you owe a million dollars!”
thGA8OYUUZ–Stop the calls Today–thGA8OYUUZ

You may have tried many different times to get collectors to stop calling you. You may have tried many different ways to get collectors to stop calling you. Maybe you haven’t been effective before but you’ve never seen anything like this.

This truly is the REAL DEAL, the answer you’ve been looking for…

  I want to assure you this has NOTHING to do with who you are, how much you owe. or how many creditors you owe. You have certain rights protected by the federal government.  –Debt collectors don’t get paid by advising you of your rights.  You see, every collector has to undergo training of the laws that govern the debt collection industry. Most are bonded in case they break the law since the debt collection company is responsible for the actions of their representative. Most of these collectors are very well paid too.

Let me start off by stating emphatically that this opportunity is for everyone who receives unwanted calls from bill collectors. This system can and will work for anyone!

This offer is for you if you want to know…

  • The one thing you can, and must say to any debt collector to get them to stop calling.

  • How to effectively take control of a collection call.
  • Your rights in a collection matter.

-If you want or need relief from unwanted debt collection calls, then you have just stumbled onto the best solution for debt collection calls.

No strings attached, no loopholes. It’s that simple.
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…this opportunity may be perfect for you.

Having said all that, let’s get right into it…

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Under protection of federal law:

thGA8OYUUZ There is a limit to the number of times collectors can call.
thGA8OYUUZ Collectors can’t be abusive.
thGA8OYUUZ Collectors cant make false threats.
thGA8OYUUZ Companies are responsible for the actions of their collection representatives.
thGA8OYUUZ Collectors can only call at certain times of day.
thGA8OYUUZ Companies have to provide proof of the debt.
thGA8OYUUZ Collection calls must cease at your request !

This is where we come in.

We’ve designed a system that contains the information you may use to take control of any debt collection situation.

Here’s how it works:

 Instantly upon ordering you are linked to our web page which has the necessary information you can effectively use to stop debt collection calls. 

The web page is neatly organized and simply presented so its easy to use. 

It contains:

  • Helpful hints on how to handle debt collectors.
  •  The law which protects consumers from unfair debt collection practices (including calling you against your will).
  • A form letter you can copy or print to send to debt collectors citing your rights (including the right to no more and/or limited calls-like calls at work).
  • Exactly what to say to debt collectors over the phone.
  • The facts about ‘Cease and Desist’.

Does that sound good to you?

It’s really that simple

You order.

You receive a link to our web page.

You take control of your next debt collection call (or request no more phone contact).


Information is the most effective tool in our society…and we live in an information age !!! 

It really works. I’ve actually used the exact information which I am marketing and believe me it works. I don’t mean maybe! I believe it so strongly that I developed this product.

I would recommend this information to anyone who wants relief from rude, obnoxious, poorly supervised DEBT COLLECTORS.

Tampa FL

The Need For This Service Is Great.

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Lets Talk about the information you receive:

1. Information to include the federal law and governing body which protects you.

2. A form letter to send to debt collectors to stop their calls.

3. The one thing no bill collector wants to hear.

4. Helpful Hints.

5. More …


Let me ask you the following questions…

—> Do you want to Stop the Calls?
—> Are you looking for the perfect way to Stop the Calls ?
—> Can you follow simple instructions?
—> Are you ready to get started now?

If you answered yes to the above questions, this information is for you!

  If you think this will cost you a lot of money, keep reading, our special limited time offer may surprise you.

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Success awaits!

Infinite Resource Enterprises

Remember, the incredible discount is for a limited time only, so hurry! Order now for only $9.95, you will have your information in just seconds. That’s our pledge.


only $9.95

The only way you can lose is by missing out on this offer.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop the Calls !!!

NOTE: This information is to stop debt collection calls only. Creditors and collection agencies may still seek other means of collection such as garnishment, liens and or whatever means possible other than by phone –  For further information please order the information packet today.

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