The Awakening

God is Love. The Children of Light are being stirred up as the increasing intensity of birth pains affect our world. Jesus opened the veil upon His death and the Holy Spirit has since provided direct access between God and His children. Soon changes are coming that will remove the veil completely and His children will see Him for who He Is! This Event may be related to The Rapture and may begin taking place as early as March 25, 2017. I have been experiencing The Awakening. I did hit the snooze button for a couple years but in the last 5 or 6 weeks I went from spending evenings in front of the TV to researching and blogging about the end of days. Wake up for The Son of the Creator is Coming! Some close to me ask ‘what can we do differently?’ and I replied that Jesus said to watch. Remember the story of the 5 virgins who put oil in their lamps and stayed awake while the others slept? Watch therefore!! The Son of the Creator is Coming!!!

The most practical analogy that I can offer is to listen to the music. Christian music is reassuring us that God’s Plan is still in effect and the culmination is rapidly approaching. On the other hand, secular music seems to be promoting the ethos that we should party like it’s 1999. These opposing views can be heard and felt in music at this very moment. To tie this in to the previous paragraph; The wise virgins will recognize that the time has come to fill their lamps and watch. Don’t let secular society lull you into a false sense of security or you may be caught unaware as the foolish virgins which were spoken of in The Bible. As it currently pertains, time on this planet is incredibly short and there are but a few moments left to get oil in your lamp and get it lit. Darkness is upon us but not for much longer. If you are a Child of Light and you are watching for His Return, you are about to experience the most wonderful revelations imaginable!!! Watch therefore-Please watch.


Get right or get left- left behind, that is. The Bible warned that there would be signs in the sky near the end of the age. A couple of years ago, I wrote in my blog about the blood moons. I am no expert on the subject, but I enjoyed sharing my perspective. At the time, I didn’t realize that I missed the opportunity to speak about the Star of Bethlehem, which was beginning its appearance at that time. Last week there was an article on one of the news sites that I frequent, about the death of a star . This article used the phrase ‘blink of an eye’ which got me back in the mode to research and share my perspective once again. This has led me to a treasure trove of others sharing similar research and feelings. Sometime last year I experienced a premonition of the rapture. My body was being pulled upwards at a supernatural force. During the very brief experience of around a couple of minutes, I wasn’t stressed out. I was surprised as it came without any notice, but there was a peace because I know Whose I am. You see I am a Believer in Christ Jesus and a Child of God. I have believed that I was in the last generation since
I was a kid in the 1970’s. I woke up from the experience, which was during sleep, possibly a dream, and wondered if it was foreshadowing my death or The Rapture. Now that I have researched the signs in the sky a bit further, I decided the odds are that it was about The Rapture. You see if Earth’s duration was shown on a 12-hour clock, or watch, it would be at 11:59 with the second hand rapidly approaching the 12!

I am acting upon the behest of the Bible as well as many who have had premonitions about The Horrible Tribulation that will follow The Rapture. When?! IDK- I just know it will be soon. I actually felt that it would be yesterday, on St. Valentine’s Day 2017 due to the position of Jupiter and The Moon and the significance of romance in this scenario. Since God is love, what better day to call his people than on this special day? I wasn’t 100% accurate but I can say that as you review the vLogs that I am sharing, you will see that it seems imminent and everything will be accomplished NLT 2024. While I value all of these opinions, the one scenario that makes the most sense to me is the one where end time events kicked off in late 2013. This would mean that we are in the middle of the 7 years already! I believe that if you watch these vLogs and listen to this music that you will consider being watchful, as we are commanded and you will warn others as well. Pray for strength and guidance and most of all for those Christians that are left behind to suffer The Trib!

What action? I am basically sharing the vLogs that I found on Youtube, as well as excellent Christian music to promote them and their worship of our Lord, Savior and soon returning King.

…Upon review, it was decided to not use dire warning as dire means grim. If this message is received and properly heeded, its actually quite the opposite, a wonderful warning. If you don’t believe in the rapture, you may want to investigate the book of Matthew [around chapter 24].


Make your reservation-Please!

Level Up

I was in Tulum Mexico around November 20th when the signs in the sky signifying the beginning of sorrows began. This is when the planet Jupiter entered the womb of the constellation Virgo, 9 months before The Birth foretold in Revelations 12.

This is significant because the ancient Mayans, as well as the Sumerians also foretold the end of the age. The Mayan calendar ended in 2012. Our tour guide mentioned the cultural belief of a cleansing and a deliverer. Ironically most current residents of the planet rely on the media and the government to protect us so many will be deceived.

We are about to experience travail on this planet that has not been since the very beginning. It is too late to prep, except spiritually. Be looking for Jesus and God’s helpers, if you want to survive. Prayerfully warn others that you trust and love to get ready. Get ready by:

  • Praying
  • Forgiving
  • Being kind
  • Being helpful
  • Being watchful
  • Sharing
  • Caring

Do all of these things so that you may be protected in the coming days as they are short and eventful!


I had a dream in the early hours of March 1, 2017 about The Rapture. The details of the dream are very awesome and if you are prepared, like I apparently am, incredibly reassuring. I found myself 1100 miles away on a road in my hometown. I was with my cousin and we were lining up 3 sheets of paper to catch the huge eclipse that was occurring. Suddenly the sky went dark and an intense pressure forced me to yell out in a loud voice which precipitated a transformation. I believe I got through less than an entire word which was intended to be ‘God!’. As I shouted out, it felt like what I would describe as a dying man’s last breath. A force pulled me by my breath and I found myself in what felt like another dimension yet I was conscious. The experience can only be pictured as being in a very advanced animation. It was part surreal and part real. Upon immediate arrival, it was still dark like dusk and there was a bridge with streetlights and many people were walking around trying to figure out where we were. There was no fear but it was like an awakening. All that I can convey is that it was incredible and profound. In a confirmation of sorts, I woke up and I felt the most incredible sensation of positive energy that I have ever experienced. The experience lasted for a minute or so but I can only describe it as intense energy. I will try to describe the sensation that I experienced after the dream. Try to imagine a radiance entering the core of your being and intensifying towards the point of rapture. It was becoming so intense that I thought I was going to be taken right then. The sensation ceased and I fell back asleep into a deep and peaceful sleep. I woke up in the morning feeling well rested and reassured. I drove to work the next morning with the most incredible feeling of peace and reassurance that I knew I had to share it. It has taken almost 3 days but I am finally getting a chance to write it down to post on my blogs. With this renewed confidence in my Wonderful destination, I plan to share my observations to reach many with The Message of Hope. Jesus Christ is Lord-Amen.

Thankfully the Election is over


This election is in the books. It was epic. I predicted it would be a Trump upset. Let us know how you feel by responding to this poll:

Election 2016 Poll





Just an ordinary day?

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

In perusing the news today there are several interesting headlines [which have nothing to do with the American election] that may or may not be related. In the fox account of an Italian earthquake, the mayor is quoted as referring to the event as ‘apocalyptic’. A little over a year ago there was a post on this site about the blood moons and their possible relation to Revelations. …Wars, Earthquakes and signs in the sky…


There is a news article today that made me think of that post and its relevance. Seeing an article about Jesus’ burial stone being uncovered today got me to wondering if all of these events are completely independent or are they all links in a chain of events that are unfolding before the rarely watchful eye…

Tampa Bay strangers unite when it matters !!

Thanks to the local Tampa Bay media for sharing a bright story in a seemingly endless barrage of bad news. Around 50 strangers from every walk of life came together to save a little 9 year old girl who was trapped under a flipped vehicle.



Kraków WYD 2016 Farewell next stop Panama WYD 2019

Please check out the blog from our youth group pilgrims who attended WYD 2016 in Krakow Poland:

According to the WYD World Youth Day site the closing Mass at WYD 2016 was 3 million people! Near the close, it was announced that the next WYD will be held in Panama in 2019:

3 Million attend WYD closing Mass

3 Million attend WYD closing Mass

During his visit to the Auschwitz Death Camps the Pope warned that the world is at war. The irony should not be lost for a couple of reasons; The primary mission of the Pope’s trip is peace and let’s not forget – the death camps are a grim reminder of the last world war:

Pope makes historic visit to Auschwitz

Francis says world is at war, warns of WWIII

What’s going on in Orlando?


Sunday Morning I woke up to my daughter asking “What is going on in Orlando?” The metropolis starts about 30 miles from us as the crow flies. I didn’t have time to digest the question as I left for Church half awake. Now that I’ve had a little time to reflect, it dawned on me. As a society, we’ve attempted to remove God from school and state. He gave us rules to protect us and we ignored Him. Where is He now? He’s Closer than ever. As the various levels of Heaven descend, the various levels of Hell are being disrupted and we are feeling the repercussions. The victims, like all victims, didn’t deserve what they went through but evil seeks to kill and destroy. The enemy knows his time is short, so he is furious, just as The Word predicted two thousand years ago. Just as terror is disorganized and chaotic, so is evil. What can we do? Do good, love fiercely and invite God back into our society.