Tampa Bay strangers unite when it matters !!

Thanks to the local Tampa Bay media for sharing a bright story in a seemingly endless barrage of bad news. Around 50 strangers from every walk of life came together to save a little 9 year old girl who was trapped under a flipped vehicle.





Kraków WYD 2016 Farewell next stop Panama WYD 2019

Please check out the blog from our youth group pilgrims who attended WYD 2016 in Krakow Poland:


According to the WYD World Youth Day site the closing Mass at WYD 2016 was 3 million people! Near the close, it was announced that the next WYD will be held in Panama in 2019:

3 Million attend WYD closing Mass

3 Million attend WYD closing Mass

During his visit to the Auschwitz Death Camps the Pope warned that the world is at war. The irony should not be lost for a couple of reasons; The primary mission of the Pope’s trip is peace and let’s not forget – the death camps are a grim reminder of the last world war:

Pope makes historic visit to Auschwitz

Francis says world is at war, warns of WWIII

What’s going on in Orlando?


Sunday Morning I woke up to my daughter asking “What is going on in Orlando?” The metropolis starts about 30 miles from us as the crow flies. I didn’t have time to digest the question as I left for Church half awake. Now that I’ve had a little time to reflect, it dawned on me. As a society, we’ve attempted to remove God from school and state. He gave us rules to protect us and we ignored Him. Where is He now? He’s Closer than ever. As the various levels of Heaven descend, the various levels of Hell are being disrupted and we are feeling the repercussions. The victims, like all victims, didn’t deserve what they went through but evil seeks to kill and destroy. The enemy knows his time is short, so he is furious, just as The Word predicted two thousand years ago. Just as terror is disorganized and chaotic, so is evil. What can we do? Do good, love fiercely and invite God back into our society.

Kraków wyd 2016

According to the official wyd site there were 3 million in attendance for the closing mass


Please check out the following links:

http://www.krakow2016.com/en/ is the official WYD site…

…and our youth group blog can be found at:



One of my fave bands, Thousand Foot Krutch. Nu rock Christian is the best music genre of all times! My #1 fave is POD…more to follow soon.

Enjoy this concert…These guys are so good that their live performance is as good as the studio tracks!

Way to go TFK !! Bringing the message around the globe. Looks like Russians enjoyed it as much as I do.

I’ve seen TFK a couple times at WinterJam and they Represent!!!


New Category!! Freebies

Everybody loves free stuff and everybody likes discounts. In addition to our coupon section since there is a slight distinction, this section will commonly apply every day as long as you meet the requirement. In other words, if its your birthday or if you are a veteran, these specials will apply to you. The coupon section is constantly changing depending on what specific item a vendor has on special that day.


Happy Pi Day !!

It only happens once a year on 3/14! Based elementally on the formula for the circumference of a circle 3.14, March 14 has become known as Pi day and is celebrated by nerds around the globe.

Who thinks Matt Kenseth should have won the 500?

I personally would like to have seen Matt Kenseth win on Sunday….

mattKYour thoughts?

Have a Happy & Blessed New Year

imqage courtesy of crosscards.com

image courtesy of crosscards.com

Super Harvest Blood Moon 4 on September 27 2015

Beginning April 15, 2014 there are a total of 6 blood moons occurring which many believe are the signs of the End of the World. The Blood moon on September 27, 2015 is the 4th of 6 blood moons which are to occur. Watchers of all faiths are intrigued [ironically similar to the advent of Jesus Christ]. Christians have been predicting the End of the Age and the Return of Jesus Christ to complete all things for many years now. In the Bible there are references to the moon turning to blood. Other popular terms for The End are:


The Apocolypse


While most attribute the blood moon reference to revelations, it is the book of Joel which makes the earliest such reference:


A similar reference is made in the book Acts, but notice that the word ‘dreadful’ is substituted with ‘glorious’.


.The similar popular reference to the Bloodmoon in Revelations includes other/additional provisions in order to signal the Return of Jesus Christ:


Notice this reference to The Second Coming requires the Blood Moon, an Eclipse and a Great Earthquake. So for all of those who are wondering, doubting or even exploiting the blood moon predictions; If there is a great earthquake during the period surrounding the remaining 3 blood moons- I suggest you prepare for The Appointment.